How to Transfer Images to Mugs

Transferring digital images to mugs is a great way to add personal touch to a gift or creativity to specialised merchandise for sale. Transferring images to mugs can be done through three basic methods depending on your preferences and needs.

You will need

  • Digital image


Transferring images at home

This option requires buying the following:

  • Heat press
  • Mug glazing unit and
  • Heat transfer paper.
  • This will cost approximately anywhere between 500 to 1000 US dollars or more, depending on the quality of the machines.

    1. If you need to produce a large quantity of mugs, this option is the most practical.
    2. Print the images to be transferred, from a computer and onto heat transfer paper.
    3. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to transfer the image from the transfer paper onto mugs that have already been treated with polymer film.
    4. Heat the applied image up to 450F, to complete the image transfer.

    Transferring digital images online

    1. If you are only making one or two mugs, look into getting them printed online.
    2. Companies like allow you to upload digital images from your computer and design your own mug from the comfort of your computer chair.
    3. The online company will produce the mug to your specifications and ship it to you for a fee.

    Customising mugs locally

    1. If you are working with a deadline, and need your mugs designed fast, look for and hire a local company that offers the service.
    2. Local companies will have graphic artists that design tee-shirts and other graphics, and also allow costumers to come in and design their own items for a fee.
    3. Usually, you are able to place your order and receive your mugs within 24 hours or less.

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