How to Transfer iTunes Music to another Machine

If you have ever seen an iTunes playlist on someone’s computer and want to make it yours, there is a process for making this possible. You may have friends or family who has some of your favorite music, this article will show you a method of transferring iTunes music from one computer to the next.

Things you will need

  • Computer system
  • Itunes music
  • Blank media (such as a CD or DVD)
  • USB drive or external hard drive (& USB connection for external hard drive if needed)


  1. Find the location on your computer where all your iTunes music is stored. This can normally be found under ‘My Music’ in the ‘ITunes’ folder, If you have your music scattered in various folders then you may need to transfer each folder to that central location.
  2. Insert a blank media such as a DVD/CD and use your CD burning software to burn the iTunes music onto the blank media. Depending on how much music you are transferring you may need more than one blank CD. Another option is to use an external media device such as a USB Memory stick or external hard drive to save the iTunes folder to transfer it to the other machine, then properly eject and disconnect the device.
  3. Once all the file are copied and saved to the media device then transfer it to the other machine you want to save it to. Insert the blank media or device and copy the files by dragging and dropping the files to a location where the music files can be easily accessed (this can also be the My Music folder).
  4. Now if you wish you can open iTunes on that machine, go to ‘File’ and click ‘Add to Library’ and select the folder where the music has been stored to import the music files. It may take a few minutes but afterwards you can search and play all the music that was stored.


  • When buying blank CD/DVD’s always make sure you buy more than one, you may never know if you are going to need more (depending on how much music you will have to transfer).