How to Transfer Music from iPod to ITunes

The inability to easily copy music files from the iPod to your iTunes library without third party utilities was one of the failings of Apple’s music library software, iTunes. However there are steps that can be taken to copy the music from your iPod to another computer that has iTunes without losing all of your music data.

You will need

  • iPod
  • iTunes
  • Computer


  1. Connect iPod to computer using an Apple iPod USB or Firewire cable; if iTunes opens and asks you if you would like to sync your iPod with the iTunes library click NO.
  2. Open My Computer on Windows computers and look for the iPod drive.
  3. In Windows Vista: Open the iPod drive > Organise > Folder and Search Options > View > Show Hidden Files and Folders.
  4. In Windows XP: Open iPod drive and click Tools > Folder Options > View Tab > Show Hidden Files and Folders > Apple.
  5. Open the folder named ipod_control and you should see folders with the following names: Calendars, contacts, ipod_ control, notes and photos.
  6. Open the second ipod_control folder > Music Folder; copy each of those folders onto your computer by creating a folder on your desktop and dragging the files into it.
  7. Open iTunes and insert the new desktop folder into: Library > Music.
  8. Sync your iPod to this new library; you should not lose any of your music files.


  • Sync your iPod with your library until you have a copy of all your music on your computer.