How to Transfer Music from iTunes to IPod

iTunes is among the easiest media library software to use, and it is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers. To transfer music from your music library to an iPod, follow the simple instructions below.

You will need

  • iPod
  • Latest version if iTunes relevant to your computer operating system
  • Firewire or Apple USB cord

Downloading iTunes

  1. Log on to the iTunes page on the Apple site, here.
  2. Click on the Download iTunes icon.
  3. Follow the instructions on your screen.

Syncing or transferring media files to your iPod

  1. Connect iPod to your computer using an Apple iPod firewire or USB cord and open iTunes.
  2. Select iPod in the Devices section on the left side of the iTunes window.
  3. In the main iTunes browser window, select the Music tab.
  4. Select the check box labelled “Sync Music.”
  5. Your iPod will need to have enough capacity to sync the content that you have selected from your library.
  6. Click Apply and iTunes will begin syncing the audio content you’ve selected to your iPod.
  7. The iTunes LCD will display the sync progress and notify you when the iPod sync is complete.
  8. To disconnect your iPod, select it under devices and click the eject icon.


  • Eject iPod from the iTunes window before disconnecting the USB cord to prevent damages.