How to Transfer Music from PC to PSP

PlayStation Portable or PSP is the scaled down portable version of the popular PlayStation console. Even though the PSP is mainly a gaming device, it also makes a great portable music player. You won’t be able to hold a large volume of music on a single memory stick, but you can easily switch to new music once you know how to transfer files from your computer to your PlayStation Portable.

You will need

  • PSP
  • Computer with music files
  • Memory Stick Duo or Pro Duo
  • USB cable with a Mini-B connector on one end


  1. Insert a Memory Stick into the PSP’s Memory Stick slot on its left side. Depending on how much music you want to transfer, you may need a memory stick with a larger volume than the one that was included with your system.
  2. Turn on PSP.
  3. Plug a USB cable into the back of the PSP and into your Windows or Mac. Ensure the USB cable has a Mini-B connector on one end to plug into the PSP and a standard USB connector on the other, to pug into the computer.
  4. Scroll to the Settings icon on the home menu of the PSP.
  5. Find the USB Connection icon in the Settings menu. Press the X button. Your PSP will display the words “USB Mode” and your Windows or Mac will recognise it as a USB storage device.
  6. If there isn’t one already, create a folder called “PSP” on the PSP memory stick–it shows up as “Portable Storage Device” or something similar; you can use Windows explorer on Windows computers and Finder on Macs.
  7. If there isn’t one already, create a folder called Music inside the PSP folder.
  8. Drag and drop music files into the Music folder just as you would save files in another computer folder.
  9. Disconnect your PSP by first clicking on Safely Remove Hardware on the bottom menu bar for Windows or by ejecting the drive on a Mac (drag the icon to the trash bin icon on the dock). Now, unplug the USB cable and press the circle button to return to the home menu.


  1. Ensure you have firmware version 2.60 or higher. If your machine has an older version, you will not be able to play all music file formats. To find out what version your PSP has, follow this
  2. Use a Memory Stick Duo over a Memory Stick Pro Duo for music files; Memory Stick Pro Duos may not recognise all music files.
  3. Create subfolders within the Music folder if you would like to keep your music organised this way, however, remember that you cannot create subfolders within subfolders.