How to Transfer Music to a Micro-SD Card

A Micro-SD card is typically used to expand on the built in storage capacity of cell phones with music player features. If you are planning on using your cell phone to listen to songs, you will want to upgrade to a Micro-SD card that can hold between 512 MB and 16 GB of music or more. Micro-SD cards are relatively inexpensive and range from prices as low as 5 US dollars. Transferring music files to a Micro-SD card is a simple procedure.

You will need

  • SD card reader
  • Micro-SD card
  • SD adapter
  • Computer with USB port


  1. Insert the Micro-SD card into the SD adapter.
  2. Insert the SD adapter into the card reader; if the card reader has multiple slots, find the slot that is compatible with your Micro-SD card and adapter.
  3. Plug the card reader into your USB port.
  4. Look for the card reader drive on your computer.
  5. Drag the music files or folders to the card reader drive.
  6. When transfer is complete, safely remove the card reader.
  7. Remove the Micro-SD card from the card reader and adapter; place it into the device that will play your music files.


  • Force the adapter into a slot; if it cannot fit into the slot properly, then it is the incorrect slot and will not read it.