How to Transfer Songs to an MP3 Player

Mp3 players are among the most popularly used portable technologies on the market today. They are small, convenient and easy to use, with a wide variety to meet a plethora of tastes and budgets. Transferring music from computers to MP3 players only require an appropriate media library and basic instructions.

You will need

  • Mp3 player
  • Computer
  • Media library software (installed on computer)


  1. Install relevant media software. For example, Sony Walkman MP3 players will come requires the SonicStage software. Ensure the software you download is the latest, and upgrade it often.
  2. Connect MP3 player to computer using a USB or firewire cable.
  3. Follow instructions to customise preferences.
  4. Load media files from your computer or CDs into your music library.
  5. Sync files from your library to your MP3 player.
  6. When sync is complete, eject media player and disconnect it from your computer.


  • Properly eject MP3 device before disconnecting its USB cord. Doing this will ensure that both devices are not damaged.

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